Europa in Schengen
How we deal with easy-to-read and inclusive communication design

Centre Européen Schengen addressed us to publish a handy brochure in easy-to-read that allows people with special needs to access and experience a circular tour around the European Museum. How could we respond to special needs and expectations to inclusive design? We first had to learn. “Our interest is to better recognise not only limitations […]

Schengen am Klengen
How design can stimulate the youngest and enrich tourism

In times of fast-paced life and oversupply, it is hard to stand out. In tourism, smaller villages struggle to shine beside big international cities. Switch perspective, finding a destination that fits your interest remains a challenge for visitors. How can interest and parties be matched? Only with clarity, orientation and creativity, we agree with our […]

The sky is the limit
Celebrating 10 years refining the art of reinvention

Have you ever celebrated a significant achievement? Little breakouts keep the team engaged and creative over time, sure. But how do we make our anniversary memorable and valuable for others, we reflected on. Then for the 10th anniversary of the ‘Claudia Eustergerling Design’ studio, we made an event come true, we always kept an eye […]

Capturing summer vibes
Why we visualise warmth and sunny summer?

In line with summer, we once created this photo series for our label ‘abced’ showcasing the range of sustainable greeting cards in outdoor ambience. We regularly arrange them with flowers or attached to presents to inspire our followers on Instagram and give example on the ‘abced’ website, always in mind to emphasize natural beauty in […]

Kleine Freuden, unerwartet anders
How we meet the demand for resource-saving products

We love nice little things and the unexpected. Standing out from the ordinary and providing happiness. Inspired by a sustainable approach, we present our greeting cards and gift tags branded “abced – Little pleasures, unexpectedly different”. We created our product range regarding the current zeitgeist and increased demand for resource-saving products, intending to meet global […]

Design Friends No 61
Why we engage for a conference with New Tendency

Do you talk about sustainability with your friends? Before arriving at the main topic, we often start from a different one. During our conversations with Sebastian, one of our designers, we talked about studies, careers, and stories. He appreciates products with a high quality that will stay a lifetime, like Meta Side Table, a signature […]

Heraldic Design
How can historical codex fit digital specs?

What better place to prove a heraldic logo can fit digital specs and confirm the trust placed in us than an award ceremony? The subject of heraldry was new territory for us when the still young Foundation Loutsch-Weydert requested us to combine two very detailed family crests in the interest of a new visual identity. […]