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Architecture and urbanism
Shifting a visual identity for tomorrow

Witry & Witry architects and urbanists, with a rich history rooted in Luxembourg, stand as pioneers in embracing circularity in their construction practices. Having seamlessly transitioned to the second generation, they are poised to embrace the challenges of the future. Recognizing the need for a logo redesign to align with contemporary standards and enhance visibility, we proposed a corporate design overhaul that reflects their name and ethos of responsibility. The new logo, devoid of round forms or three-dimensional effects, boldly presents the company name in uppercase letters, reorganized and rendered in the WW Grotesk typeface. Retaining the iconic ampersand symbol and the corporate green color, albeit in a deeper shade, ensures continuity while signaling a fresh perspective.

Many thanks to type foundry Nouvelle Noire for the pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation and support on the font issue.

In crafting the stationary, we opted for Gmund Bio Cycle paper, echoing the firm’s commitment to sustainability across both physical and digital realms. This conscientious choice extends to the design manual and digital applications, fostering coherence and environmental consciousness throughout. A meticulously devised layout system, characterized by a reduced set of styles and a modular grid, seamlessly integrates across stationary and presentations. This deliberate visual simplicity enhances the legibility of key information, facilitating ease of navigation for both the team and stakeholders alike. Ultimately, this redesign promises to elevate Witry & Witry’s visibility and ensure enduring recognition, embodying their ethos of innovation and responsibility in the built environment.

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