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The sky is the limit
Celebrating 10 years refining the art of reinvention

Have you ever celebrated a significant achievement? Little breakouts keep the team engaged and creative over time, sure. But how do we make our anniversary memorable and valuable for others, we reflected on. Then for the 10th anniversary of the ‘Claudia Eustergerling Design’ studio, we made an event come true, we always kept an eye on: indoor sky diving. An activity that was beyond the team’s expectations, but still achievable and fun. A lasting experience, and one that made us think it was worth sharing. With a focus on reinvention, we made it the subject of our anniversary communiqué, which still opens and maintains the dialogue with our clients and partners.

Claudia Eustergerling Design celebrates 10 years refining the art of reinvention

Over the last decade, Claudia Eustergerling and her multidisciplinary team have formulated an approach to design which artfully blends creativity, change management, information science and sustainability.

Dubbed ‘the art of reinvention’ this process has helped clients from across the business spectrum to develop identities which are both strong and adaptable, essential qualities in our information-rich, time-poor world.

What better way to mark such an important milestone than a Mission-Impossible-style leap into the unknown, the LUXFLY indoor skydiving facility. In true design-oriented fashion, Claudia notes the details: “The jump took place on 12/11/21, isn’t that a beautiful date? The numbers are in perfect symmetry.”

The art of reinvention
The daily barrage of information we all face makes it extremely challenging for brands to establish a lasting presence. This is the problem which Claudia and her team have been working to solve over the last decade.

So, what is the art of reinvention? “While innovation is what many strive for”, Claudia explains, “reinvention is softer, less frightening. It’s the result of continuous development. Reinvention happens over the long run, it’s not a sprint.”

Just as your fitness instructor has been telling you all this time, “Effective design requires the right mindset. It requires vigilance, sensitivity, and courage.” Claudia’s approach is holistic, creating a brand which is the fittest it can be.

Coffee with Claudia
If you would like to catch up with Claudia, you don’t need a parachute, just an appointment. 2022 sees the launch of Thursday afternoon, ‘Coffee with Claudia’. The concept is simple, “I invite interested people to spend some ‘quality time’ 1-to-1’,” explains Claudia. “It’s a ‘no strings attached’ opportunity to find out what design can do for you.”

This is design as it should be done, as a two-way process, a virtuous circle: “I am grateful for my clients’ trust from day one”, says Claudia. “Working with inspiring people, we continually learn and develop as a team.”

Passing this goodness on in the form of sound advice, quality communications and design advocacy is in the DNA of a designer, “We observe the world around us and want to contribute to a better future”, says Claudia. “We permanently renew ourselves. This is the art of reinvention.”

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