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Civil Aviation
How corporate design improves the public image of an authority

The Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC) is the competent authority of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in matters relating to aviation safety and security. While DAC ensures the safety and security of all civil aviation activities in Luxembourg, they trusted Claudia Eustergerling Design to ensure better visual recognition through a new logotype and corporate design. The aim of our collaboration was to improve its public image, show its seriousness and increase its visibility on national and international stage. We had an interest to keep a link to the subject aviation. So, we said goodby to the previous symbol, a stylized lion with wings, and defined a new sign focussing the intials, the three characters ‘D’, ‘A’, ‘C’. The basic idea of the logotype refers to the abstract front view of an aircraft. The ‘A’ in the middle represents stability, while the ‘D’ and ‘C’ indicate openness. Scroll down to discover the result of a process.

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