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Design Friends No 50
How a highlight comes to shine

You might know Dennis Lück and his campaigns for German politicians catch public awareness. This event took place before. “It is my pleasure to design the catalogue for this creative,” Claudia confirmed the request and fell in love with the idea to visibly mark this publication as it was the 50th Design Friends talk. “Designing creativity, what’s that?” you might wonder. So, we did. Dennis Lück, at that time, was the most decorated creative in Switzerland and was already named ‘Advertiser of the Year’ by the industry in 2017. We discovered a creative mind that entered the advertising world thanks to his talent, interest and strong will. “Perfect Coverboy”, Claudia suggested. The finishing with glossy lacquer highlights publication no 50 for recognition and remembrance and values the speaker. Easy to pinpoint, the circle form refers to the book ’50 friends’, a compilation of interviews by fifty international designers invited by Design Friends between 2009 and 2019, part of an ongoing series of events, that all take place at Mudam, the contemporary art museum of Luxembourg. Design Friends talks are free, organized and supported by passionate members like us 😉
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