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Fondation Loutsch-Weydert
How heraldic design codex fits digital specs and becomes recognized reference in the market

What better place to prove a heraldic logo can fit digital specs and confirm the trust placed in us than an award ceremony? The subject of heraldry was new territory for us when the still young Foundation Loutsch-Weydert requested us at strglng to combine two very detailed family crests in the interest of a new visual identity. The cooperation turned out to be a fascinating process for us designers. While many lifestyle brands opt for almost similar designs and logotypes these days, here we experienced the opposite. We saw a client with an impressive awareness of identity, style, and aesthetics. We learnt to understand heraldic criteria and apply the codex. Furthermore, we separated obligations from expectations and identified some creative freedom to come to the result: a colourful scalable vector graphic uniting the history of two families that fits heraldic and technical specs. Clear enough to be recognized in small size, strong enough to be displayed large scale on canvas. This not only impressed the client, but also convinced the DNA Paris Design Award jury.

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