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Schengen am Klengen
How design stimulates the youngest and enriches tourism

In times of fast-paced life and oversupply, it is hard to stand out. In tourism, smaller villages struggle to shine beside big international cities. Switch perspective, finding a destination that fits your interest remains a challenge for visitors. How can interest and parties be matched? Only with clarity, orientation and creativity, we agree with our clients in Schengen. The ‘Centre Européen Schengen’ invites families with children to an interactive journey of discovery around the European Museum. “Experience, learn, participate”, we formulated as guiding principle and created a colourful brochure with a playful visual language that accompanies the youngsters.

The booklet guides them to observe, question, perceive and understand. We suggested replacing most photos with custom-made illustrations that much better stimulate children to look and support the exercises. Besides artwork and layout, we offered our eyes and opinion. We restructured content and proposed reformulations. Special thanks go to our teacher friends for time and exchange. Schengen, the most famous village in Europe, has a multifaceted offer with focus on Europe, wine and nature. We presented the award-winning image brochures in 2015. The museums’ new program is an opportunity for adults and children alike to become active and get to know the place as well as Europe’s still current contemporary history. This way, visitors travel on afterwards with increased knowledge and share memories – probably the most significant added value.

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