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Image campaign
Maison Moderne repositions Delano brand with strglng

As you might know, Claudia has a slight preference for springtime, a season naturally linked to growth and reinvention, and even more she enjoyed this year’s months until early summer. Trusted by Maison Moderne, Luxembourg’s leading independent media company, for art direction and photo conception to reposition Delano brand as Luxembourg’s financial community by a […]

Social Media Campaign
How decision makers catch interest in Female Board Pool

With the financial support of the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men, we worked out a social media campaign to draw attention to the International Female Board Pool and its LinkedIn group for decision makers. Most of us agree on equal rights for all genders, but when it comes to corporate governance and leadership […]

Campus vision 2030
How we illustrate future with digital vector graphics for scalable use

How can we foster changes in the long term through design? Is there a vision in your environment? In this example, we were commissioned to picture work-life situations for a shared vision of the near future: hybrid working, campus life, transportation, and environment. These scenarios are imaginable because they reveal concrete references and stylistically fit […]

Inspiring Woman
How tailor-made web design empowers an expert to advance

Did you ever imagine a career in the financial services industry? Anne Kayser walked the way and built her career over 30 years, holding several executive positions, in close relation with Boards of Directors in a very male-dominated field. This discrete woman knows how to assume her responsibilities and advance her career as a compliance […]

Europa in Schengen
How we deal with easy-to-read and inclusive communication design

Centre Européen Schengen addressed us to publish a handy brochure in easy-to-read that allows people with special needs to access and experience a circular tour around the European Museum. How could we respond to special needs and expectations to inclusive design? We first had to learn. “Our interest is to better recognise not only limitations […]

Schengen am Klengen
How design can stimulate the youngest and enrich tourism

In times of fast-paced life and oversupply, it is hard to stand out. In tourism, smaller villages struggle to shine beside big international cities. Switch perspective, finding a destination that fits your interest remains a challenge for visitors. How can interest and parties be matched? Only with clarity, orientation and creativity, we agree with our […]

Made in Luxembourg
How we changed focus with a new layout

How can the value of a brand be maintained and strengthened in the long term? How can it evolve with the times and be in line with the times? Since the beginning, the ‘Made in Luxembourg’ initiative has a well-designed and recognizable logo. From campaign to campaign, the graphic appearance changed strategically. When it came […]

Capturing summer vibes
Why we visualise warmth and sunny summer?

In line with summer, we once created this photo series for our label ‘abced’ showcasing the range of sustainable greeting cards in outdoor ambiance. To inspire our followers on social media and give examples on the ‘abced’ website with the online shop, we often arrange them with flowers or attach them to gifts. Here, the […]

How we meet the demand for resource-saving products

We love nice little things and the unexpected. Standing out from the ordinary and providing happiness. Inspired by a sustainable approach, we present our greeting cards and gift tags branded ‘abced – Little pleasures, unexpectedly different’. We created our product range regarding the current zeitgeist and increased demand for resource-saving products, intending to meet global […]

strglng communiqué:
Advocating a seasonal return to growth and reinvention through design

Claudia Eustergerling believes that design can make a genuine contribution to society. But, to remain relevant and effective, designers should engage with the world continually, watching and looking for ways to help their clients reach new and ever-changing audiences. The Seasonal communiqué is intended to provoke companies, brands and other creatives to consider how and […]