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Design Friends No 61
Why we engage for a conference with New Tendency

Do you talk about sustainability with your friends? Before arriving at the main topic, we often start from a different one. During our conversations with Sebastian, one of our designers, we talked about studies, careers, and stories. He appreciates products with a high quality that will stay a lifetime, like Meta Side Table, a signature piece of New Tendency, a Berlin-based design studio that applies Modernist design principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. Is it pure desire, investment interest or identification with an attitude that attracts customers? Manuel Goller, Founder and Creative Director of New Tendency, underlines: “It is not just a name but a guiding principle for us to keep on challenging the status quo”. An interesting starting point for a Design Friends lecture on furniture design, Claudia organized to take place at the auditorium of Mudam, the contemporary art museum of Luxembourg. And an occasion to explore his position on responsible decisions and eco-friendly products. Is it a question that Sebastian had the honour to design the catalogue?
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