The world confronts us with new challenges, both on a big and small scale. Everything shouts for renewal. But what is the situation in companies? How much is theory, and how much is practice? Who is dealing with it? Claudia’s thesis: There is a limited understanding of design and valuable potential remains unused because it is not asked for. The concept of innovation hinders the process, its ambition is too high. She is convinced that where a creative approach is encouraged, something extraordinary can emerge even from something minor.

Sustainability is the order of the day. But what is it all about? We have the opportunity to take on ecological and social responsibility and have decided to get involved and motivate others to do so. For those who decide to do so, many topics open up. So, where do you start? As a partner, we bring companies closer to holistic thinking and make it easier to practise a creative manner. The ideas are often already obvious. The important thing is to begin.

Design, brand, and innovation are topics that have always been Claudia’s interest. Corporate design requires an examination of identity, character, values, and interests. Changes can occur naturally or are necessitated by a tension, which in turn creates opportunities. A current example? We have brought our name and interest together in our brand name ‘strglng’. It crystallizes our identity to the essentials. Not a riddle, but a symbol that carries our methodology like a formula.

Selected works